‘Get Out’ Producer is Making a Black Lesbian Horror Movie

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We are all aware that Get Out is one of the best films of the year – the only thing that could ever make it better would be to drop in a whole bunch of lesbians. Wait… what’s that you say? That’s what producer Jason Blum is working on next?

It’s true: Blum is partnering up with Bessie and Mudbound filmmaker Dee Rees to create a new horror movie about black lesbians in suburbia.

The as-yet-untitled film is based on Rees’ own experiences in rural America – she said in the interview, ““You’ve got me and my wife, two black lesbians, and when we first moved in, we fought every day over all these little things: ‘Why is this over there? Did you move that?’ Maybe it was a ghost. Or maybe it was some other force – like us not wanting to be there or fitting in.”

A feature film with lesbian women of color as the protagonists, set in an exciting, scary, politically-charged horror climate? Count us way, way in. And if this next movie has got any of the cultural sway its producer’s previous movie did, we might be about to have a big gay blockbuster on our hands.