Frank Ocean Just Covered ‘Moon River’ & We Can’t Stop Sobbing


As Valentine’s Day crept to its inevitable close, Frank Ocean decided to make sure those few individuals who hadn’t already ended up in tears found their way to emotional ruin before the night was out. Yes, that’s right: he posted a cover of “Moon River,” the Oscar-winning Henry Mancini classic from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and the song that plays as Big leaves Carrie for Paris.

In the late, late hours of the night, Ocean dropped his latest surprise cover, which follows in a series of new tracks he’s released since his 2016 masterpiece Blonde.

We hadn’t considered just how good of a fit “Moon River” would be with Ocean’s soft, crooner vocal style. The cover remains both true to the original and yet also sounds totally up to date.

Here’s his take, plus the Audrey Hepburn original.


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