Duplass Bros Tell Chaotic Hotel Stories in ‘Room 104’ Teaser

If you’ve ever hesitantly entered a hotel room and anxiously wondered what kind of people and weird situations have gone down in your temporary bedroom, Mark and Jay Duplass’ new HBO show is not for you.

Room 104 is an anthology series that tells the many stories of a single American hotel room. Each episode features a different guest and a brief glimpse into their chaotic lives. Orlando Jones, Mae Whitman, James Van Der Beek, and Nat Wolff are just a few of the many actors that make up this star-studded ensemble.

If the previous works of the Duplass brothers are any indication, Room 104 is bound to be an insane and unsettlingly realistic look at humanity.

Room 104 premieres July 28 on HBO. Watch the teaser below:


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