Dua Lipa Covers Amy Winehouse For Late Singer’s Birthday


Today, on what would’ve been the 34th birthday of Amy Winehouse, it’s totally okay for your tears to not dry on their own. The phenomenal talent who tragically passed away at only 27-years old became an icon to a generation of fans during her life and influenced a new wave of artists with her jazzy, soulful voice.

To commemorate her birthday, “New Rules” singer Dua Lipa teamed with Gallant to peform a gorgeous cover of her hit track “Tears Dry On Their Own.” While we know nobody will ever live up to Winehouse’s otherworldly voice, Lip and Gallant’s version of the track stands on its own thanks to a slowed-town tempo and the duo’s incredible vocals. We never knew that Gallant’s thunderous voice would mix so smoothly with Lipa’s raspy style until now, but we’re here for it.

The collaboration is part of Gallant’s series, “In The Room.” On previous episodes, he’s featured John Legend, Adra Day, and Sufjan Stevens but it’s this episode that truly transcends and pays a worthy tribute to the massive talent that Amy Winehouse left behind.


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