Demetri Martin Illustrates a Character’s Struggle in ‘Dean’ Featurette

Demetri Martin plays the titular character in Dean, a movie about a man coping with loss. After the death of his mother, he decides to escape New York, and subsequently his life, for a few days. An illustrator, he heads to Los Angeles for some job interviews, but he meets a charming young woman named Nicky (Gillian Jacobs) who helps him deal with his own baggage.

That baggage comes to life, not only through the amazing performance, but with the illustrations Dean creates throughout the film. Serving as writer, director and star, Martin also got to flex his creative muscle through this medium. He drew each illustration in the film, adding another personal touch to the character he created.

In a new featurette, he discusses how the drawings add an extra layer to the scenes in the film. In various moments of the film, the screen splits between Dean and an illustration of his character’s internal struggle. He explains these drawings he’s been creating for years as a way to an express an idea that doesn’t really work in words.

“When we were making the movie, I was thinking that would be a cool way to show what the character’s going through,” Martin says. “There’s an intimacy to that.”

Dean premieres June 2. Watch the featurette, “Pen to Paper” below:

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