D∆WN Releases 3D, Alt-Reality Films for New Music Videos

D∆WN (Dawn Richard) has taken quite a journey over the course of her career: first rising to prominence as part of the iconic group Danity Kane before embarking on a solo career that’s spawned three critically-acclaimed albums. Now, she’s released an interactive, multidimensional art film as the music video for her singles “Lazarus” and “Love Under Lights,” off the album Redemption.

Speaking to the intent of the video, HighSnobiety reports, D∆WN said “’Lazarus’ is about the rebirth and rise of my movement. So many times the underdogs get slept on and overstepped. Lazarus speaks to those who get overlooked. ‘Love Under Lights’ is about loving without prejudice.”

She continued: “The verses speak on straight relationships, same sex relationships and self love. It’s about loving out loud instead of hidden in the dark or secretly because of society’s opinion.”

The video begins with a single, extended shot of Richard dancing her heart out, floating in an ethereal, 3D void that responds to mouse clicks. From there it shifts into an amorphous world that shifts and changes based on the movement of your cursor. Trippy, we know. But that’s how D∆WN does.

Take a look at a clip below, and head to dawnrichard.net for the full experience:

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