‘Christopher Robin’ Trailer Just Reignited All Our Childhoods


Anyone who led a remotely happy childhood remembers reading Winnie the Pooh and getting lost in the Hundred Acre Wood with Christopher Robin. Long before you debated who of your friends was a Miranda or Samantha, you were trying to decide who was a Tigger and who was an Eeyore. It was distinctly formative material.

All that comes rushing back in the new trailer for Christopher Robin. Now an adult with a job and a family of his own, the titular character (played by Ewan McGregor) has lost sight of life’s little joys. Just in time, his old pal Pooh returns to help him reignite his imagination. All his anthropomorphic friends also make a visit from the Hundred Acre Wood to London for this new adventure.

This marks the second recent film about everyone’s favorite little existential bear. Last year, Domnhall Gleeson and Margot Robbie starred in Goodbye Christopher Robin, a film about the writer of the beloved children’s books, AA Milne.

Christopher Robin premieres August 3.


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