Carly Rae Jepsen Releases New Video for ‘Cut to the Feeling’

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Carly Slay Jepsen can do no wrong. She’s released Emotion, a perfect pop album, and because that just wasn’t enough for our gay hearts, she released Emotion: Side B, which introduced us to the ultimate bodega anthem, “Store.” Since that pinnacle of pop excellence, she’s settled into her throne and taken it easy until, on May 26, she graced the world with “Cut to the Feeling.”

Now that we’ve had a full three months to listen to it a thousand times and drunkenly request it at clubs across the country, she’s dropped a long-awaited video for it. For the stripped-down visuals, Jepsen trades in narrative for a look into what it’s like to be her for the first half of the track as a countdown clock ticks anxiously towards zero in the corner. Carly Rae makes a perfect cup of coffee! She laughs! She tries on sunglasses! It’s all good fun, but as the clock strikes zero, the magic begins.

At the 1:40 mark, she walks slowly towards the stage and then a sequence happens that’s so Carly Slay that I audibly said “oh my god” to my laptop. A star! Mood lighting! Dancing! It’s incredible, but then again, we’d probably be wowed by her even if she was sitting at a table reading an ingredients list. Watch the video below and dance on the roof. Cut to the feeling. Oh, yeah.