Brooklyn Museum and Little Cinema to Present ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ Remixed


The Brooklyn Museum’s presentation of David Bowie Is (March 2 – July 15) represents the final stop for the monumental exhibition, which debuted at London’s V&A in 2013. So it’s hardly a wonder they’d want to make as much of a spectacle during its four-month run as possible (it’s surely what David would have wanted), attempting to alter our cultural perceptions as Bowie had done so peerlessly until the day of his passing on January 10, 2016.

To wit, Nicholas Roeg’s though-provoking sci-fi classic The Man Who Fell to Earth – which stars Bowie as the humanoid alien Thomas Jerome Newton – will be getting the Little Cinema “immersive cinema” treatment at the museum on Wednesday, April 4. Members of Bowie’s Blackstar album band – Mark Guiliana, Tim Lefebvre, Jason Lindner – along with vocalist Daisy Press, will perform a new score in live time, to a dozen or so audio-visual sequences cut by DJ CHNNLS (Jay Rinsky).

Should that not sound mind-bending enough, CHNNLS will also curate dancers and circus performers throughout. For Bowie fans, it’s a genuinely can’t miss event – the sort of cross-cultural happening that The Thin White (Alien) would have surely wished he’d thought up himself.

“Bowie is the only true artist I can think of who was always ahead of the game and relevant in pop-culture across several decades and multiple artistic disciplines,” explains CHNNLS (Rinsky). “The Man Who Fell to Earth shows his lesser known talent for acting, and features him in his prime during the mid-1970s sexual revolution. The film is visually stunning, cerebral and artistic. Our performance will pay homage to his fearless creativity by building on the old, and re-constructing the film using contemporary elements such as electronic music, video mapping and remixing. This will feel less like a film and more like an audio-visual journey, as some of Bowie’s latest musicians pay their final respects.”

Past Little Cinema immersive experiences have included American Beauty and The Fifth Element – check their website for future events. And make sure to check out Brooklyn Museum’s Night of 1000 Bowies on May 18, co-hosted by Bushwick nightclub House of Yes.

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