BLACKBOOK VIDEO PREMIERE: Jesse Hale Moore’s ‘Leave You Lonely’

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We’ve always been enamored of the Philadelphia music scene – as it tends to inspire particularly unique stylistic hybrids. Our latest fave is singer-songwriter Jesse Hale Moore, who has been around the circuit with bands like Auctioneer and Nightlands, and has come into his own as a singular solo artist – with a full album planned for release this spring.

Moore’s latest single, “Leave You Lonely,” is a moving confessional (“You should know by now / I will leave you lonely every time”), a lush, visceral masterstroke of heartfelt neo-soul. You may hear references to everyone from Marvin Gaye to George Michael to Sade. But the emotional intensity, to be sure, is all his own.

BlackBook here premiere’s the equally affective video for the track.