BLACKBOOK VIDEO PREMIERE: Grammy Nominated J.Views’ Orchestral ‘Into The Light’

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Image by Nir Ariely

Twice Grammy nominated, Brooklyn based composer J.Views‘ 2016 album 401 Days was built upon a conceptual creative journey around the world. Most thrillingly, he invited fans to witness it all through the project’s web portal.

Part of that journey was a stop at the Opera Hall of Tel Aviv, for a live performance with the 30-piece Revolution Orchestra. It included an exhilarating performance of “Into the Light,” which originally appeared, of course, on 401 Days.

“I originally created this song with Wild Cub,” he explains, “and the main character in it was Keegan DeWitt, with his amazingly moving low, rich voice. Together with my live band we accidentally discovered a whole new angle to this song when sung as a duet, led by Denitia Odigie. She brought a very specific kind of fragility to it, and the Revolution Orchestra supported mostly that notion with their arrangement. I was seriously moved to tears playing this live, just listening to what was happening around me on stage”

BlackBook premieres here the video for the orchestral version of “Into the Light.”