BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Romantic-Nostalgic New Vasco Single ‘N’ Now I Feel Like’

Images by Jonas Bang


What is it about our first love? Being young and amorous is certainly intoxicating, exhilarating and terrifying all at once. And yet, for all those deep, hormonally-charged emotions, the sneaking out, the smoking cigarettes and hanging out with your best friends…the memories of that time and how it felt are so fleeting. Butterflies in your tummy slowly subside into what become vague replays in your mind over time.

Leave it to Danish producer Nick Labajewska Madsen, aka Vasco, to nail that hazy, lost loving feeling with “N’ Now I Feel Like,” the new single from his upcoming EP Tender Luv (to be released through Big Beat).

“It’s a song about nostalgia and past time,” he explains. “It’s about growing up and still longing for the innocent feeling of youth, while adjusting to the [reality] that life is a process and no feeling is static.”

Today, February 14, is the best day of all to reflect on past loves. And so BlackBook is well chuffed to premiere “N’ Now I Feel Like” here.

“Releasing it on Valentine’s Day was important,” Vasco says, “because memories with [young] lovers are often the strongest – and that is important to remember and stand by instead of regretting lost love.

Known for his left-of-center electronic compositions, Vasco’s production chops include work with fellow dance-pop Danes Soleima and , as well as the critically acclaimed, Brooklyn-based Bauuer (of “Harlem Shake” fame). But Tender Luv is the first time he’s stepping out from behind the console to release his own music. And with his minimal, intriguing, yet utterly captivating way of threading sound, there’s much to look forward to upon its March 8th release.

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