BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Warbly Jets’ Wicked Hot New Single ‘RIDE’


Rock & roll is pretty much on life-support these days, with guitar bands from Greenpoint to Silver Lake turning out some of the twee-est shite this side of a Hallmark Holiday Special.¬†But like our faves The Kills and Raveonettes, LA’s magnificently bed-headed¬†Warbly Jets know how to crank up a ripper and do it with style and panache.

To wit, the deliciously wicked new single “RIDE,” which BlackBook premieres here. It could easily give The Dead Weather a run for their money in terms of Led Zep monster riffage and swagger – but with a celestial psychedelic vibe that reminds of Black Angels. And their Lennon-esque way with an infectious melody makes it all eminently hummable.

“The bridge section portrays the experience of diving underwater,” explains the band’s Julien O’Neill, “holding your breath for as long as possible, before shooting back up to the surface when the last chorus hits.”

Like all the best rockers, they’ve also never met an effects pedal they couldn’t bend to their will.

O’Neill recalls, “We ran a number of synths through a wide array of guitar pedals, and each individual sound and part has its own different keyboard and own pedal chain to its name…so everything feels very unique.”

Just back from tearing it up on their pre-debut world tour and at a few Milan Fashion Week parties, Warbly Jets will play the Moroccan Lounge in LA on the 19th, before a three-date stand at Vegas’ EMERGE Music + Impact Conference in November. Their self-titled debut album is out October 20th.




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