BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: ‘The Voice’ Star Whitney Fenimore’s Stunning Debut Single ‘Find Your Love’


Coming straight out of conservative Oklahoma, last October Whitney Fenimore found herself stealing the show on the 13th Season of The Voice, with a fervent, Americana-fied version of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” Both Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine appeared nothing short of mesmerized by her electric performance. (It’s since racked up nearly a million views on YouTube.)

Five months later, and she’s very much ready to come into her own – as confirmed by her stunning debut single “Find Your Love,” which BlackBook premieres here. Equally intimate and exuberant, it’s got a bit of Lana Del Rey melancholy, a lot of Emmylou Harris passion, and a sonic panorama that seems to stretch all the way to the Heavens. Indeed, as she profoundly and convincingly declares, “I won’t stop / Until I find your love,” against a breathtaking sweep of strings, you’d be hard pressed not to feel a chill or two – and it seems sure she absolutely will find what she’s looking for.

“‘Find Your Love’ is probably the most ‘me’ song I think I’ve written thus far,” she reveals. “It takes you somewhere sonically that I don’t think any of my other songs ever have. Not only is it about relational love…it’s about finding love for yourself in the midst of pain.”

Whitney will continue that emotional quest from the second stage at LA’s Hotel Cafe Friday night, March 23 – to celebrate the release of the single. It’s the chance to still be able to say, “I saw her when…”


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