BlackBook Premiere: Visceral New Reliant Tom Single ‘Nevermind The Garbage’

Image by Amanda Kaye



Inspiration can take many forms; but often it’s hardship and instability that are the catalysts for the best art.

For Claire Cuny of Brooklyn-based avant-garde rockers Reliant Tom, the unexpected passing of her father in 2018—on the day of their debut album release no less—provided ample inspiration of the more somber sort, which she has since tapped into for the making of their follow up Play & Rewind. “Nevermind The Garbage” (which BlackBook premieres here) is the first single from the album, and is released this Friday, March 27.



“The song is about trying to return to a semi-normal routine,” Cuny explains, “by learning to manage the grief and anxiety that overcame me after the sudden loss of my father.”

Building from moody ballad, to Cobain-worthy midsection (it’s impossible not to think of him when the word “nevermind” is brought up), and ending in a sparse trance of harmonics, the track viscerally captures the rise and fall of emotions that came with the death. Of course, Cuny’s longing for a return to normality is something exceedingly relatable right now, as the coronavirus outbreak has left us with anything but.


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