BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Sporty Video for New Citris Single ‘Coco Chanel’

Image by Marco Giannavola

If you’ve ever been in love – truly, madly in love – you’ll recall how evocative was the power of scent: something that he always cooked, a perfume that she always wore.

Cool New York indie quartet Citris wants to jog your memory thusly, with the exceedingly catchy new single “Coco Chanel” – a song about the remembrance of feelings, as experienced through scent. In this case, of course, it’s likely the immemorial No. 5.

“‘Coco Chanel’ is about wanting a love that never fades and comparing it to a Chanel perfume,” explains singer Angelina Torreano. “It inevitably wears off, but one can always remember the smell of the perfume because of their love and identification with the scent. In lots of ways, love is like perfume; you have to apply and reapply. Some get old, some are timeless. Chanel is timeless. The song is a nod and wink to the past and a dance to the future.”

BlackBook premiere’s the video for the song here – in which a quartet of cheerleaders (one of them Torreano) grooves along to some of the most infectious power-pop riffs this side of an Elastica record.

Smells like team spirit…


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