BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Thrilling New Maddie Ross EP ‘Touch Hands, Touch Bodies’


Billboard recently called her “the best DIY star you’ve never heard of.” Which may be true – but we’re guessing the “never heard of” won’t be for long.

Indeed, LA singer-songwriter Maddie Ross had barely released her first music when she got a call from KT Tunstall, who asked her to take the support slot on her autumn 2018 North American tour. It kicks off October 16 at the Star Theater in Portland, and takes them all the way to Toronto on November 17 (with a stop at New York’s Bowery Ballroom on the 12th).

Last month she released her first ever video for the cool, synth-poppy “Hometown.” The song is taken from her debut EP (released this Friday, October 12), the tellingly titled Touch Hands, Touch Bodies – which BlackBook premieres here. A true standout is the punky, high-speed “Physical,” with its awesomely fuzzed out guitars and massive, hook-laden choruses.



The primary inspiration for the EP, it seems, was a totally unexpected love story – as Ross, still not fully aware of her essential sexual identity, fell in love with her best friend…a girl.

“It was simultaneously the most amazing and the scariest, darkest time in my life,” she recalls. “Now I am able to look back on what is a seriously fucking adorable love story, and write about it from a place of light instead of darkness.”

She continues, “This EP contains all of the happy memories that I never wrote about. I wanted to write sweet, fun, happy songs about having a crush on my best friend, daydreaming about getting her into my bed. It’s an added bonus that she’s the best producer and songwriter in the world, and we got to make this EP together.”

Ain’t love grand?


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