BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Thought-Provoking Video for New Bossie Single ‘Strawberry Moon’

Photo by Nick Tiringer


If you’re going to adopt the nom de plume Bossie, you’re obviously going to be seeking to command a certain degree of attention. And Toronto’s Anne Douris does indeed come off as remarkably focused and mission-driven – even admitting that there is a cleverly masterminded divide between her real life and the burgeoning pop star she has created.

She’s also making music that is so immediate as to be almost unavoidable; indeed, NME called it, “a pop product as addictive as candy.” And such is the case with new single “Strawberry Moon,” the video for which BlackBook premieres here.

The song itself deftly balances the solemn synth strains of New Order and the skinny-tie-wave bounciness of Lene Lovich, with the lyric, “Don’t set fire to the Strawberry Moon / Don’t try to turn it into the sun,” coming off as an incisive metaphor, perhaps warning us not to ruin what we already have by always wanting more.



The video, with its 80s-referencing narrative and palette, shrewdly plays with media-entertainment constructed female stereotypes.

“Growing up as girls, messages about how we should look and behave come at us from all sides,” Douris explains. “So you’re constantly carrying around these expectations – it’s overwhelming. Director Allison Johnston and I wanted to visualize that by physically building this overwhelming world through the looking glass.”

She continues, “We wanted it to look as bizarre and over-the-top as it can sometimes feel to be a woman. So I constructed these colossal make-up products as a way of showing how these images of ‘beauty’ are not only ridiculous and disorienting, but literally a huge burden.”

Bossie’s debut album, the cleverly titled Not Pictured, will be released April 27 through Culvert Music. She’ll play a record release party May 5, at Toronto’s The Baby G.


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