BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: The New Video for SHAED’s ‘Name On It’

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Not all the news coming out of DC these days is bad. To wit, we’re loving the capital’s sexy new music export, SHAED.

The cool electro-poppers first gained attention covering Drake’s “With You”; they’ve also shared a stage with Marian Hill and Charli XCX; and they can boast nearly 3 million Spotify plays. For aesthetic perspective, the trio consisting of sexy, soulful singer Chelsea Lee and twin brothers Spencer and Max Ernst (yes, he shares a name with the great German Expressionist painter) have also drawn comparisons to Florence and the Machine – as especially evidenced by the exhilarating new single “Name On It.”

Lee says of the groove-heavy track’s inception, “I remember hearing one of the boys play that funky bass line in the song’s infancy and just dancing to it. When we wrote the lyrics and melody we set up a mic and danced around until we came up with the right part.”

Here, we premier the new video, which definitely exhibits the singer’s infectious, magnetic charisma.