BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: The Bodies Obtained’s Delirious New Synth-Pop track ‘Public View’



In an age when social media assures that everyone will be ever aware of what breakfast cereal and what brand of motor oil their favorite bands are partial to, Detroit’s The Bodies Obtained (a moniker nicked from the Joy Division song “Day of the Lords”) have maintained an almost absolute secrecy. Indeed, after eleven years and eight albums, they don’t even have a Wikipedia page.

But the prolific duo’s musical cup continues to runneth over. To wit, their ninth album, Fishtail, will be released this Friday, May 17 – and it pushes their experimentations with electronic manipulation and rhythmic peripheries to thrilling new frontiers. BlackBook – after enthusiastically debuting last year’s “Waxed Wings” – premieres here the first track from the new album, intriguingly titled “Public View.” It boasts one of their wickedest grooves to date, a berserk bombardment of galactic sounding synths, and a short machine gun fade out.

“‘Public View’ is a funky, bump and grind marching song in 2/4,” they tell us in a transmitted statement, “that has a bark-like vocal that starts rocking the political soapbox of what’s best for you, even if it’s not true.”

And in a post-truth world, what more could we possibly hope for?


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