BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Surreal New Video for Vita and the Woolf’s ‘Feline’

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We’ve made no secret of our love for Philadelphia and its music scene. And our latest crush from the City of Brotherly Love is the poetically named Vita and the Woolf – which is essentially Jen Pague and a Spinal-Tap-like succession of drummers.

The name is a reference to the love affair shared by literary greats Vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolf (we appreciate the smartiness of it all). But Pague has actually drawn numerous comparisons to Florence Welch, which, with their shared flair for vocal dramatics, makes perfect sense.

BlackBook premieres here the hauntingly mystical new video for the viscerally sensual single “Feline.” The track exhibits their signature electro-pop-R&B hybrid, with lyrics addressing the eternal struggle to simply be accepted for being oneself as a woman.

“This song is really painful,” Pague confesses. “Every single day, there is at least one situation where I am made out to be a bitch or an evil person, just for being a woman. The song is about how everything is gendered in our society.”

A full album is due out June 16.