BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Sultry New Paperwhite SIngle ‘Only Us’

With their music described by NOISEY as “a buoyant tribute to vintage pop,” Paperwhite do indeed make good work of lifting the soul – especially necessary in these times when everything around us seems determined to drag it down.

The New York based brother-sister of Katie and Ben Marshall actually make soaring, dreamy pop songs, with sturdy synth riffs and sensual grooves laying the foundation for soaring, ethereal atmospherics. Here BlackBook premieres the particularly alluring and sumptuous new single “Only Us.” Think: Everything But The Girl meets Janelle Monae with a Caribbean vibe.

“Whether it’s a global issue or a broken heart,” Katie says of the song, “we tend to look back with nostalgia on times that were simpler. With change comes courage, so even with heavy lyrics, we wanted to add a little Paperwhite electricity into the mix. What better way to move forward than with a little spring in your step?”

Put the top down, find a sunny stretch of road, turn up the volume on “Only Us,” and just try to not be seduced – and a little calmed – by it all.



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