BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Stunning New Lola Moon Single ‘Those Beautiful Boys’

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If we’d ever actually dreamed of being someone other than who we are, it was surely a singer from Berlin named Lola Moon. But then we discovered that she, in fact, already exists.

London girl Lola actually moved to the Deutschland capital in order to be closer to creative co-conspirator Kris Steininger. And together they’ve cultivated a signature electronic aesthetic that is at once minimal and opulent (V Magazine called her “one of a kind”).

Her new single is the beautiful, dramatic and viscerally piercing “Those Beautiful Boys,” which BlackBook premieres here. Against a backdrop of ethereal orchestral sweeps, she laments “I just can’t fight the storm / Permanent pressure to perform.” The track was mixed by the legendary Alan Moulder (Nine Inch Nails, Yeah Yeah Yeahs), and it shows.

“My aim was to write a song about how society shapes our mind concepts,” she explains, “about the false identification over materialism and status and looks…and how secretly most of us long to free themselves from these wicked judgments towards others and mostly ourselves. The zeitgeist we live in is all about the illusionary chase of perfection. I wanted to give a voice to a generation that is longing for more truth. I hope this song embodies what many of us feel but fear to share.”

You can reach her socials via her site. Expect a full album soon.