BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Stunning New Crywolf EP ‘Skeletons’

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Image by Dustin Hollywood 

The intriguingly monikered Crywolf is actually a peripatetic dreamer who has bounced between Hong Kong, New York and LA. He dabbled in dubstep and other dance genres, but has at last landed in a much more musically personal place.

Hew new EP Skeletons, which BlackBook premieres here, is about 30-odd minutes of exhilarating emotional whiplash. Dramatic compositions like “Quantum Immortality” and “Windswept” rise and fall wildly, replete with lush soundscapes, classical complexities and histrionic vocals – recalling Depeche Mode at their most cinematic.

“As an artist,” he reveals, “sometimes you write about presence, and other times, absence. You use lyrics and music to run your finger around the shape left by something lost. This EP is negative space. It’s the frame supporting something that should be there, but simply isn’t. A harsh reminder of what once was; of an unchangeable breach in the order of things. Biting, but necessary.”

Our favorite, “Skeletons [Without You}” is as grandiose as it gets – viscerally affecting, operatic prog-pop at its finest.

Minimalism (and restraint) be damned.