BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Striking New Test Shot Starfish ‘Flight Proven’ Video Confirms ‘Space’ is Hip Again


Despite the significant defunding of NASA, space does seem to be quite the rage in popular culture these days. The latest, of course, is Ryan Gosling starring as original astronaut Neil Armstrong in First Man, which just opened this month.

Space also needs a good soundtrack (just ask Brian Eno); and decisively stoking the musical connection is LA duo Test Shot Starfish – Ryan Stuit and Kyle Schember – who are the official “composers” for Elon Musk’s Space X…possibly one of the most enviable jobs ever. Their unambiguously titled album Music For Space was just released, with song titles like “Sputnik,” “LC-39A” and “Return to Flight.” You get the theme.

BlackBook has a thing for space, too – and so debuts here the duo’s riveting new video for “Flight Proven.”¬†With its enigmatic but exhilarating style of animation, it tells an astral story that seems to be left open to any number of interpretations. The song itself is equal parts haunting and pulse-quickening (think: The Cure, Slowdive), much as one imagines space travel would actually be.



“We got in touch with Cruel Coppinger from the UK,” explains Stuit, “who originally contacted us about making a mod for the video game Surviving Mars. He wanted to build a mod for steam players so that they could listen to Test Shot Starfish while playing the game.”

Schember continues, “While looking into his other work, I discovered that he was not only a coder, but a visual artist. We asked if he might be interested in using his style for a music video.¬† We didn’t hear from him for quite some time and then he appeared with this amazing visual for ‘Flight Proven.’ We are all in admiration of each others work, so this made for a perfect collaboration.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we are once again floating in space…


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