BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Striking New Empathy Test Single ‘Everything Will Work Out’


Following four hurricanes, an earthquake and the worst mass murder in American history, there are probably few words everyone would rather hear than “Everything Will Work Out.”

That just happens to be the name of the new Empathy Test single, which BlackBook premieres here. The UK electronic duo of Adam Relf and Isaac Howlett even have the right name – which refers to a psychological test designed to measure a person’s level of compassion for others. The song itself is alluring synth-pop at its most striking – lush, visceral and with deeply reflective lyrics (“All that you leave behind / Lies heavy on my mind”). It recalls the likes of Depeche Mode and Yaz, while also seeming distinctly timeless.

“We’re extremely proud of this one,” says Relf. “It’s possibly our favorite track we’ve made together, so far. The lyrics, the composition – everything about it just works perfectly together. It’s definitely one of our most uplifting tracks; the first time we played it in rehearsal we got a real rush.”

“Lyrically, it’s about hooking up with your ex,” singer Howlett explains, “and then waking up in the morning and realizing you’re not going to get back together, but it’s okay; it’s for the best. So, ironically, everything’s not going to work out, at least not the way you’d planned. But then again, does it ever?”

Empathy Test will appear at London’s Zigfrid Von Underbelly on November 25, before heading to Germany (where they do love their synth-pop) for a seven-date run in December. Their new EP, also titled Everything Will Work Out, is released November 3.

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