BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Soulful New Single ‘Floating’ by The Rapture’s Mattie Safer

In the midst of the last great explosion of New York City music (The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Interpol), four gents rather grandiosely calling themselves The Rapture almost single-handedly resurrected the fierce post-punk-funk tenets of two decades prior. Though the band hung on until 2014, bassist Mattie Safer –  whose playing was such a crucial element of their sound – had departed in 2009.

His second solo EP is due out later this year (following 2016’s All We Are) – but in the lead up, his stirring new single “Floating,” which BlackBook premieres here, has us genuinely excited for what’s to come. It crosses classic 70s soul with cool, Scissor Sisters style contemporary disco fab (and actually calls to mind the Ace classic “How Long (Has This Been Going On)”) – punched up by a surfeit of irresistible hooks.

The lyrics find him in serious self-reflective mode. Indeed, amidst such divisive, greed-driven times, he wonders aloud, “If we didn’t have these earthly things / Would hatred simply disappear / Without possessions to divide us / Could we just forget our fear?” Oh, if only.

“There is deep-seated hatred and inequality at the heart of these problems,” he explains, “and I think it keeps people from recognizing our common humanity. I want to get to a place where we see each other’s pain, the hunger, the hatred and the inequities as a common problem for all of humanity to solve. ‘Floating’ is just an idea, that if we could remove all the Earth-bound problems from the forefront of our minds, that maybe we could start to recognize each other’s common humanity. It’s just a dream, or a thought exercise really; for now the hard work is here on the ground. ”

For our part, we’re happy to play whatever role in helping him achieve that dream.


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