BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Sexy New EP ‘Verses’ From Aussie Duo Lastlings

It’s true, springtime brings all manner of new urges. Australia has even taken to exporting them.

Indeed, the sensual, dreamlike EP Verses, from cool Aussie duo Lastlings, flaunts just the sort of alluring grooves and slinky sounds to likely cause the flora to begin blooming all around us – especially the libidinous lead single “Urges.” The brother / sister pair of Josh and Amy Dowdle have a particular talent for marrying ethereal sonics (“Stranger” and “I’m Here” have some very Cocteau Twins moments) and slithery, elegant R&B (steamy tracks like “You” and “Time”).

Amy D’s earthy, breathy vocal delivery makes it all so terribly irresistible.

BlackBook premiere’s the EP here. But you’ll surely hear more from them in this space, as we expect ours to be an ongoing love-affair.


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