BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: WRLD’s Sensual Remix of Sam Bruno’s ‘Hello Hater’


Sam Bruno is a girl on the verge. Indeed, should you have missed it, she co-wrote Kanye’s “The One”; her single “Search Party” was featured on the soundtrack to the surprise hit indie film Paper Towns (starring Cara Delevigne); and the Skrillex remix and video of her track with GTA, “Red Lips,” has wracked up more than 25,000,000 views on YouTube.

Next up is this striking remix of her empowerment anthem “Hello Hater” – from her I Am Sam EP, released earlier this year – by Dutch wunderkind producer WRLD. The original was a glossy but emotional slice of synth-hop, with a monster hook. And he doesn’t try to overly deconstruct it (“He brought a fresh perspective while staying true to the song,” says Sam.) – but rather just fattens up the groove, and viscerally transforms it with lots of lush, sensual embellishments.

“It was actually partly inspired by a drum & bass record I released called “Everything,” WRLD explains. “That started out as a dreamy, ‘neon’ kind of record, and when I heard Sam’s vocals I knew I wanted to bring that style for this remix.”

Perhaps most important of all, the remixed version only serves to emphasize and heighten the song’s lyrical “positivity” manifesto: “Cheers to everyone who ever did you wrong / To the losers who lost us and the lucky bastards who took us on.”

She is Sam. Don’t forget it.


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