BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Sarah Jaffe’s Colorful, Introspective New Video for ‘Lay Low (Take Care)’



We’ve been smitten Sarah Jaffe fans for too long to even remember how long. And her iconoclastic synth-pop never fails arouse the imagination – evoking surreal little worlds for temporary and contemplative escape.

The quirky girl from Texas was busy this summer, releasing two thoughtful EPs, the hopefully titled This Is Better Part 1 and This Is Better Part 2 – though the overall tone was more pensive, even introspective. Taken from Part 1, BlackBook premieres here the intriguing new video for “Lay Low (Take Care),” words which sounds like good advice – though the lyrics actually find her struggling for a way forward: “Get my shit together / Gonna gonna get my…together.”

In the Dani Okon directed clip, Jaffe is positioned against a shifting pastel wonderworld, while another her walks a tightrope of what is seemingly flimsy pink yarn.

“Everyone has to fight through their own storms,” Okon offers, “and this music video is a colorful reminder that sometimes we need to lose sight of ourselves in order to find ourselves again.”


“We are both very visual people,” adds Jaffe, “in terms of how we communicate or express a feeling or an emotion. From the start to her final edit was harmonious.”

Perhaps a harmony of process was something like therapy then, as the song deals with the ways in which heartbreak can veritably cause an internal split.

“When we are faced with loss,” the singer observes, “we are far more resilient than we ever knew. We keep going and we surprise ourselves at our own inner strength. Dani did such a brilliant job of portraying that notion like a storybook. A little miniature version of us, fighting for us, and pulling us back together when we split apart.”

Jaffe will play the Texas International Pop Festival in Lewisville, TX on August 31.


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