BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Sandflower’s ‘Sugar Honey Ice Tea’

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 (Image by Brandon Showers Brandon Showers @brandonshowersofficial)

Yes, it’s her real name. Brooklyn’s Sandflower has been on the scene for a few years, making music and genuinely being all fashion-fabulous. Her jittery, sassy, rapid-fire delivery reminds of M.I.A., but she’s quick to cite everyone from Madonna to Hendrix to (seriously) Salvador Dali as inspirations.

Her latest single “Sugar Honey Ice Tea,” which BlackBook is premiering here, filters retro 80s club sounds through Eastern influencers, and even takes time for a shout out to Wu-Tang. Her lyrics unflinchingly call out an unnamed charlatan – timely, in this season of so much political con artistry and fake news:  “You’re actin’ like you’re real / But that’s a bit suspicious / Because every word you say is so fictitious.”

She explains it thusly, “In times like these you just have to call it like you see it. Motivate. Activate. No Fear.” Indeed, indeed.

Born and bred in BKNY, she also proudly flies the flag for her hometown: “I want it to be the sort of music that, no matter where someone’s from, they’ll hear it and just know that it sounds like New York.”