BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Roxiny’s ‘9 Months (MF Wiley + AKA JK Losing My Mind Remix)’

This past June, an otherwise little known singer from Brooklyn, going by the name of Roxiny, released the astonishingly powerful single, “9 Months,” about an abusive relationship. Interview called it a “cathartic force.”

It is to be sure just that. “You had me buried alive nine months / And I’m done,” she howls in defiance over a visceral, dramatic musical backdrop.

Hoping to convert it to an anthem for the dancefloor, as well, MF Wiley + AKA JK crafted this potent ‘Losing My Mind’ remix – which BlackBook premieres here. Its chunky beats and smooth grooves do indeed recast it as an 80s-style electro club anthem.

“I’m always honored to work with people I respect musically,” Roxiny says. “AKA JK and MF Wiley are definitely two people I feel that way about; so when they came on to remix ‘9 Months’ I was over the moon. I knew whatever direction they took it in, would be something I could get by. This remix feels like summer in the city – it’s a perfect celebration of the catharsis that the song for me.”

Expect to hear much more from her sooner than later.


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