BlackBook Premiere: Raelyn Nelson Band’s Provocative New Single + Video ‘Weed and Whiskey’



File under: apple not falling far from the tree. Raelyn Nelson, granddaughter of His American Musical Eminence Willie – known to indulge in the…ahem…occasional roll and toke – has just released her new raucous new single “Weed and Whiskey” (the new video for which BlackBook enthusiastically premieres here) an advocation – and quite an urgent one in these culturally oppressive times – for just, you know…chilling the f*ck out.

Having grown up in one country music’s royal families, it wouldn’t have been surprising if Ms. Nelson simply followed a well-trodden path down Nashville’s Music Row. Yet she’s obviously also ingested her fair share of rock and bloody roll, as her band owes its sound to Cheap Trick and Jack White as much as Tanya Tucker and Roseanne Cash. Indeed the cover of their new album, due in November, is an homage to The Clash’s London Calling – itself a nod to Elvis Presley’s 1956 debut album. (The circle of life…)



Yet, despite the hedonistic title, the track has more of a zeitgeist-tapping message than may be immediately apparent. Indeed, Nelson explains, “It’s not a ’round up your friends, jump on your tailgate, let’s all get fucked up’ party anthem,” but rather speaks to the endlessly oppressive “tradition” of American prohibition, and the ridiculous laws still governing cannabis use in this country.

“We’ve all had a friend or family member that has been affected by the opioid crisis,” she observes, “but some of our leaders choose to demonize a plant that has been scientifically proven to have many health benefits – including helping people get off of opioids.“

But all seriousness aside, with “Weed and Whiskey” she’s happy to just rock your world for a few minutes – and let’s face it, isn’t that what we really need right now?


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