BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Powerful New Single ‘Bring Me’ from Vancouver Dream Poppers Belle Game

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There’s little hiding our love for all things Canadian these days. And ethereal Vancouver quartet Belle Game are absolutely one of those things.

We’re especially excited to premiere the powerful new single “Bring Me,” which is an exhilarating anthem of self-possession and emotional fearlessness. It builds from a spine-chilling start, with fiery vocalist Andrea Lo howling out like the force of nature that she is of “all the tears that I draw back in fear.” As a thundering beat takes over, it becomes a rousing, breathtaking electro-disco hymn, as she implores the universe to “See what I can do / See what I can do.”

“’Bring Me’ is about ending passive behavior,” Lo explains defiantly. “It’s a display of tenacity, resilience and self-assurance over learned patterns of compliance, conformity and service to others. ‘See what I can do’ stands out as an important line to me, as it taunts my past with a sense of mastery over what was once limiting”

Fittingly, their sophomore album – out September 8 via Arts & Crafts – is titled Fear/Nothing. They’ll waste no time taking the stage at a few top Canadian festivals, including POP Montreal, before hitting the road for a tour with Broken Social Scene on September 16.