BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Poignant New Sarah Mary Chadwick Single ‘Flow Over Me’


You may not yet have heard of Sarah Mary Chadwick – but we’re happy to remedy that situation.

Born in New Zealand, she actually made her name on the decidedly electric Melbourne music scene, fronting dark rockers Batrider. Going solo, the Sydney Morning Herald said of her 2016 album Roses Always Die, “the record plays as a meditation on the after-effects of emotional pain, where hours can become days.” And the one and only Henry Rollins enthused of Chadwick, “Her work achieves a poignancy which is distinct as it is rare.”

Her newest LP, Sugar Still Melts in the Rain, will be released by Sinderlyn (a Captured Tracks associated label) this May 11. In the lead up, BlackBook premieres here the album’s hauntingly beautiful new track, “Flow Over Me.” Atop a mournful piano and a jarringly stark sonic backdrop, she unflinchingly divulges, “I stood there trying to feel pain,” before confessing to be, “All tied up inside my mother.” There are moments where she strikingly recalls Nico.

“‘Flow Over Me’ is some deep psychoanalytic shit,” she admits. “And you would hope so, after what I’ve spent on therapy.”

No discussion of Chadwick should happen without mentioning her work as a visual artist, which goes a long way to illustrating the unblinking intensity that carries over into her music.



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