BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: New Violet Sands Single ‘Drive’

Brooklyn’s Violet Sands are sort of an indie “supergroup” – featuring as they do members of French Horn Rebellion, Savoir Adore and Mighty Five. Their dreamy pop reveals the influencers of the likes of Peter Gabriel, Cocteau Twins and The Cure – the latter shining through particularly on the breezy, wistful new single “Drive,” which BlackBook premieres here.

Singer Deidre Muro’s vocals are full of longing as she tells of “moments in the lamplight” and longs to “get my second chance,” over mellifluous, echo-y guitar melodies that remind of Robert Smith’s cheerier moments (“Friday I’m in Love”).

“This song was started while [band member] Derek [Muro] was still living in California,” she recalls, “and it kept a lot of its warm, desert highway vibe as it traveled to Brooklyn. It’s about someone who is resolved to move on – even in the face of self-sabotage and getting stuck in the past, she armors herself in a number of ways to get through it. There’s always been some magic in the catharsis of a long car ride…”

A full album is coming in June on the cleverly monikered new label YouTooCanWoo. They’ll also be playing a special show (with French Horn Rebellion) at NYC’s Mercury Lounge on March 31.


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