BlackBook Premiere: New Rangleklods Single + Video ‘Never Lie’ is a Fascinating Meditation on Identity




We’re not exactly sure of the translation of the name Rangleklods (except that it might have something to do with the word “rattle). But we can say that the mysterious musical “solo project” of Danish electronic whiz Esben Nørskov Andersen (who’s also a member of Blondage the whole time) has been silent these last four years—so the release today of the new single and video “Never Lie” (via Copenhagen Records) comes as a particular thrill, especially during these days of pandemic monotony.

The track itself is an infectious slice of calypso-funk-pop, with slinky guitar riffing, irresistible grooves, and Anderson’s wistful but confident vocal performance. It’s replete with nostalgic references, but also feels distinctly era-less. Lyrically, it’s an earnest meditation on self-awareness.

So it makes sense, then, that the video—of course made under isolated, quarantine conditions—cleverly plays around with the concept of identity. In fact, it’s actually an homage to some of Esben’s favorite flicks and TV shows, from Freaks and Geeks to Dazed and Confused to Rushmore. So the characters refer back to the archetypes of, for instance, James Franco’s stoner, and Jason Schwartzman’s nerd.



“I wanted to make a video that gave a sense of joyous naivety and optimism,” he explains. “All these characters I see in myself. I’ve never been completely settled in my identity, and at one time or another I’ve been a jock, a nerd, a stoner, somewhat of a goth…or a boring, normcore Scandi guy.”

For full retro effect, it was actually shot on borrowed camcorders, with “tacky photo backgrounds” providing the only scenery.

Anderson concludes, “Playing with character is something I very much do in my music, as well. I go to the studio and one day I feel like a nerd and make a techno type beat; the next I’m a stoner making a drowsy trip of a beat; and the next I’m a jock making a dance floor anthem. I’ve stopped trying to limit myself to one particular vibe or way of thinking—that’s just not how my brain works.”

For our part, we’re glad to hear he’s taking this time to get to know himself better.



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