BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: New Lindy Vision Single ‘Restless’ is a Dark, Poignant Post-Punk Stunner



Not since the Pointer Sisters have three XX chromosome siblings been this musically thrilling. But, Lindy Vision, the Albuquerque trio of vocalist Dorothy Cuylear, guitarist Natasha Cuylear and drummer Carla Cuylear are nothing less than a sonic force of nature.

Which is why we’re excited to premiere “Restless,” their propulsive new synth-funk track— it’s an immediate flashback to the early 2000s, when next wave post-punkers Interpol and Yeah Yeah Yeahs were providing the soundtrack to the zeitgeist. That the song lyrically explores their fractured upbringing at the hands of alcoholic parents is ironic…as the grooves recall so many post-Millennium nights of dancing and bad behavior.



Also citing influences like Depeche Mode and Blondie, the three Native/African American groovers have been turning out new wave inspired emotional musings on #adulting for half a decade now. But with “Restless,” they have genuinely cemented their status as a genre-crashing powerhouse.

The track is taken from the upcoming EP Adult Children Part II, out March 6

“It’s an observational song,” says Dorothy. “It’s written from the perspective of our late mother and her struggle with homelessness. As adults, we witnessed our mother deal with her addictions and personal trauma, and the suffering that comes along with lack of shelter. It captures how trapped our mother felt in her situation and how restless and tired she felt towards the end of her life on this earth.”

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