BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: New KRISTEENYOUNG Single/Video ‘Everyday’ is Actually About Love



Since her 1997 debut, KRISTEENYOUNG has managed to draw the considerable likes of David Bowie, Tony Visconti, Morrissey, Dave Grohl and Placebo’s Brian Molko into her singularly fierce musical universe. For her new album The SubSet, however, she’s essentially pulled a Prince and pretty much done everything herself.

The record is due out September 4. But in the lead up, BlackBook premieres here the video for first single “Everyday.” Rather unusual for Kristeen, it’s actually a song about amor – though sweetness is unsurprisingly eschewed for a kind of romantic relentlessness, evidenced by such lyrical niceties as “I don’t care about the next election / It’s just a revolving door transaction / I don’t care about the Earth’s destruction / It’s just an everyday distraction from you.”

“I don’t write many love songs…so that’s significant to me,” she confesses. “I guess I’m trying to say that when love hits, it’s the real force of nature and all the other things we talk about mean…not so much. Nothing else exists. It obliterates your world and everything in its path.”




The video itself (also done entirely by herself) is a jittery, quick-cut ostensible evocation of different recesses of the psyche: one dark, stark enveloped in smoke and, well, falling down a lot – the other all extravagantly adorned (she’s also her own fashion designer), and holding fast against an inexorable wind.

“I was trying to echo the music with the visuals, the dreamy / airy meets fire and static,” she explains. “The rising above / floating meets falling down. I made the set and, obviously, the outfit in the dreamy section. I really don’t know why I made the visual choices I made. I can’t answer that. I saw it completely in my head first and I have no reason for any of it. Maybe it’s something underneath that wanted to scream out and it’s in that language.”

A unmissable live performer, she’ll do a weekly residency this September at NYC’s Berlin, before several US and UK dates that take her through the end of November.
Image by Brian McClelland


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