BlackBook Premiere: New Elephant Stone Video Meditates on the Faded ‘American Dream’



Life in these United States is sobering enough these days…not that we’re sober that frequently lately; but for an even more visceral take, talk to a non-American. From foreign business associates unable to even enter the country where they have offices, to expats seriously questioning why they’re here in the first place, those with less compulsion to pledge the allegiance are making no secret of their displeasure in the face of the barrage of violence and deadly decisions we seem to be facing down daily.

Montreal’s Elephant Stone’s incisive new track, from their eerily dystopian album Hollow (released in March) questions just that: how anyone can still believe in the so-called “American Dream,” when the reality is so…hollow.



Sitar and bass playing frontman Rishi Dhir puts it thusly: “Growing up in Canada, it was hard to not feel like an ‘also-ran,’ when you’re constantly sold the glitz and glamour of America. Over the years, many of my Canadian friends moved south of the border in search of the American dream, only to find that it really was just a dream. And now, with the dangerous path America is on, I wonder if my same friends are questioning their move and longing for home.”

The video for the track, which BlackBook premieres here, was, Dhir explains, “filmed in isolation in my garage with a green screen, my son, queue cards, and an obvious nod to Dylan. The video compiles archival footage of immigrants in search of that American Dream.”

The result is heart-wrenching but compelling, and yet another reminder of the “systems” that have done little to further the lives of the people they swore to support. Sigh.



Image by Bowen Stead
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