BlackBook Premiere: New CRICKETS Single ‘Intentionally Passive’ is a Synth-Pop Stormer

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It’s not likely you’d have dreamt up a musical scenario in which one member of Faith No More and one from Le Tigre would form a new band—and even more curiously named it CRICKETS. But it has, indeed, happened.

To be sure, Roddy Bottum and JD Samson have been joined by Michael O’Neill of MEN / Princess, to make enigmatic but eminently hummable electronic creations, like the recent, anti-toxicity track “Elastic.” And now comes the sheer awesomeness of “Intentionally Passive,” which BlackBook quite officially premieres here. (Both are taken from their self-titled debut album, due out July 17 on Muddguts Records.)

If we’re being frank, the new single, despite the ghostly lyrical chant of “I just let it happen!,” is anything but passive. Over a relentless groove, minimal synths and ominous bass swells, it is a truly inexorable electro stormer, which seems like it might just blow apart at any minute.



“One of the reasons I love playing ‘Intentionally Passive’ so much is because I literally play three notes the entire song, and mostly it’s just one note,” explains a gleefully lethargic Michael O’Neill. “We guitarists are usually tempted to shred and play so many notes and make so much noise. But this song really captures the spirit of CRICKETS, which is to strip away all the excess and really hone in on how to be the most effective with as little as possible.”

Which is kind of accidentally zeitgeisty, since we are living with a president who focuses on being as ineffective as possible, with as much bluster as he can muster.

So, come November…vote CRICKETS. Obviously.


Jonathan Grassi
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