BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: New Bottin 12″ Single and Video for ‘Y-A-M-L’ ft. Lavinia Claws

We’ve often wondered what the underground music scene must be like in Venice (and would it be underwater, rather than underground?).

DJ-producer-sound designer Bottin actually calls La Serenissima home – though he has actually been one of Europe’s most hard-working and traveled DJs. Back home he has remixed may top Italian pop artists, and also worked with Benetton’s Fabrica. Perhaps a result of such a peripatetic existence, his latest project has actually had a decade-long incubation period.

Indeed, the music for the decidedly sexy new single “Y-A-M-L” (it’s short for “You Are My Love”), was conceived in his bedroom studio ten years ago. Finally hooking up with singer Lavinia Claws (who previously sang on his track “Lies”), she put the finishing touches on the lyrics, and this cool paradigm of Euro-electro-disco was born. Think: Miss Kittin, but with sweeter vocals.

The accompanying video (for the extended, 12″ version), which BlackBook premieres here, was filmed in Berlin (written-directed by Francesco Meneghini) and appears to suggest something of a naughty relationship between piano teacher and student. Fitting, as Lavinia lyrically promises, “I’ll make your fantasies come true.”

“She has a strict piano teacher,” reveals Bottin of the video’s female protagonist, “who has her play a score she has never seen before. In between there are various sub-plots, it’s not clear whether it’s something that really happens or if it’s just her fantasies: the rope game, the darkened room with the flashing light, the piano scores scattered around her. She might or might not have a relationship with the piano teacher, and he’s is not immune to her either.”

But it’s all meant in good fun.

“Even in those scenes that appear as erotic,” he says, “and in which she acts as submissive, there’s is always a playful mood and complicity – which is made obvious in the finale.”


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