BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Melancholy New Lola Marsh Single ‘Hold On’ Was Inspired by Chaos & Confusion



Tel-Aviv duo Lola Marsh—singer Yael Shoshana Cohen and multi-instrumentalist/producer Gil Landau—describe the inspiration for their new single “Hold On” as personal chaos and confusion. Yet those feelings could easily apply on a universal scale thanks to the current political, environmental, and economic climate. Still, when it’s happening to you, it can at least act as a good creative impetus.

“‘Hold On’ refers to a chaotic and confusing time for us,” explains Cohen, who bears a striking resemblance to Penelope Cruz. “We struggled to keep it all together—the band, our personal lives and our changing relationships.”



As has been proven again and again, from great pain can come great art; and “Hold On” is a particularly sublime example of just that. An opulent, melancholy track that’s part Sergio Leone, part Lana Del Rey, it starts with a moody piano riff, before exploding into an echoey chorus that never lets up.

Landau offers, “We truly believe that our greatest success is that we have been able to keep our music alive and overcome many challenges during these times.”

Lola Marsh will play Rough Trade in Brooklyn February 8, followed by shows in SF and LA, before embarking on an extended European tour that concludes at the egoFM Fest on March 28 in Munich.


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