BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Marieme’s Poignant Video for Soulful New Single ‘Ask For Help’



We first feel for Marieme in early 2018, when her fiercely revolutionary track “Be the Change” perfectly coincided with the ethos and determination of the March For Our Lives.

Now the New York based Senagalese singer and one time refugee is back with an absolutely shiver-inducing new single, “Ask For Help,” which definitively affirms that she is one of the truly great new-generation soul singers. Philosophically, it could not be more relevant; indeed, in these times of rampant chemical quick-fixes, it is an impassioned plea to throw aside one’s pride and to not be afraid to seek solace in those you love and who care about you.



BlackBook premieres here the accompanying video, which shows her offering consolation to someone in need, set to the lyrical accompaniment, “You don’t have to cry by yourself / You don’t have to lie to shield yourself / Yes, you can ask for my help.”

“Music saved my life,” she explains, “and that is what I hope to achieve with ‘Ask For Help.’ We’re all human and are all going through things, whether we show it or not. It’s important that we start to break down those walls so we can begin to thrive and not just survive. If this song helps at least one person, then we’re on the road to healing.”

Marieme‘s debut EP is due out sometime this fall, with a full album to follow in 2020. We can hardly stand the wait.


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