BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Lead Single – Scratch Massive’s ‘Standing By My Door’ – From Zoe Cassavetes Series ‘Junior’

Daughter of John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands, director Zoe Cassavetes veritably has profundity running through her veins. So it’s hardly a surprise that her new series Junior, streaming on Vice‘s Blackpills, should have turned out so insightful and incisive. A poignant, fearless coming-of-age story, it follows teenage rebel Logan (Lucia Ribisi) as she struggles with her new life in Los Angeles – it also trenchantly views sexuality through the eyes of the social media generation.

“There is so much more access to all kinds of information, and misinformation,” Cassavetes told Variety, “that kids have this big responsibility to feel adult. And this generation of parents wants to be their friend more than the parent. So it’s about exploring how these kids deal with all this stuff.”

Then there’s the fittingly intense soundtrack – by the Parisian/LA DJ/producer pair Sébastien Chenut and Maud Geffray, who together make up electronic duo Scratch Massive. The sixteen songs provide a distinctly weighty sonic context to the story. The soundtrack will be released this Friday, April 21, and BlackBook premieres here a particularly favorite track: the cool, post-punk referencing “Standing By My Door” – which marries early Depeche Mode synth riffs with haunting, Siouxsie & the Banshees atmospherics and a poignant but pretty vocal by Geffray.

The song will also be the first single off Geffray’s solo album Polaar, to be released May 12 on Pan European Recordings.


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