BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: LA Girlfriend’s Thoughtful New Electro-Pop Single ‘Ex’

Image by Alana Fickes


There’s something a bit salacious about the moniker itself, perhaps suggesting an illicit West Coast hookup. But L.A. Girlfriend is actually sultry songstress Sydney Banta, who can more likely be found flirting with influences that range from Iron Maiden to ’80s synth-pop.

The latter is significantly more evident on the succinctly-titled new single “Ex” – which BlackBook premieres here. Indeed, with its thumping rhythm, somber synths and piercing guitar blasts, it’s an thoroughly absorbing electro-pop archetype. And lyrically, it is something of a thought-provoking meditation on personal morality, as Banta languidly admonishes, “It ain’t a good thing playing games ’cause you can / Especially with the one who still don’t understand.”

She explains, “I tend to play with the philosophy that our character is made of both good and bad – we have the ability to be the wronged and the wrongdoer, interchangeably. ‘Ex’ is a moment to be both at the same time, kind of like throwing shade and receivingĀ it in one fell swoop.”

Somewhere there’s a life lesson in there for all of us.


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