BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Jessica Boudreaux’s Hyper-Sensory Video for ‘Televised’

“Why should I care / Why should I play?,” Jessica Boudreaux scoffs exasperatedly at some poor bastard who has dared to do wrong by her.

And from there, the Summer Cannibals singer’s sneering new solo single “Televised” becomes one of the most self-assured, most icily detached kiss-offs imaginable. (“You were looking at me / I was looking at you / It was televised.”) Indeed, all that deliciously defiant indifference is fittingly laid over a cooly unsympathetic synth-funk-pop groove and a big, fat, unavoidable hook. It’s a striking diversion from her oeuvre of rocker-chick-chic.


Image by Jason Quigley


“‘Televised’ is uncharted territory for me musically,” she admits, “and when I hear it now I feel surprised that it’s even mine. Even though it stands out stylistically from the rest of album, it feels like the perfect introduction to this project in that it fully and unapologetically breaks away from the guitar-driven rock music I’ve written and performed for the last seven years and embraces the kind of pop music I’ve loved my whole life.”

The accompanying video, which BlackBook premieres here, plays to said emotional detachment, with Boudreaux broadcasting her disastisfaction and disaffection to her target from inside a TV screen – with the hyper-cut editing perhaps acting as a metaphor for the drama she’s obviously been put through.

Her debut solo album No Fury (produced by The Thermals’ Hutch Harris) will be released November 3. But rest assured, she remains a member of Summer Cannibals.

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