BlackBook Premiere: Jasmine Thompson’s ‘Love For the Lonely’ Strikes a Visceral Chord



Ever since, at just 13 years old, she stormed the planet with a visceral cover of Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody,” Brit singing phenom Jasmine Thompson has been poised on the precipice of megastardom. Now inching towards 20, her music has been streamed more than a billion times; she’s got 3.2 million surely worshipful YouTube subscribers; and via assorted collaborations, has actually charted in 20 odd countries or thereabouts.

But BlackBook was especially piqued for the release of her new single “Love For The Lonely,” which we enthusiastically premiere here, along with its accompanying video. Indeed, eight weeks into this perpetually anxiety-engendering pandemic, her lyrical musings arrive like an emotional rallying cry for our weary, sleep deprived souls.

In her distinctive, shiver-inducing wail, she assures, “This is love for the lonely / The world where you never know me / ‘Cos I’m unbreakable.”

“It’s a song that I wrote when I was in a relationship that I wasn’t quite sure about,” she explains. “I really wanted to be with someone, as I wasn’t quite ready to deal with the lonely feeling that I got when I was on my own.”



And of course, loneliness now is our universal condition.

The attendant video, very much reflecting our new reality, was shot under quarantine by her roommate, but with a remote assist from director Jack Munsch. It shows Thompson in contrasting scenes of isolation and wild freedom, surely the perfect juxtaposition for these times.

She enthuses, “I loved making my lockdown video. It was very DIY…the director and the rest of my team were all on Skype, telling me where the camera should be, what settings and lighting [to use]. I had a makeup artist trying to help me, even though I have a handful of products. We did the best we could in such a unique situation.”

Something that, surely, we can all understand.

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