BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: I:Scintilla’s Hyper-Sensory New Video for ‘Carmena Saturna’


A “scintilla” is defined as “a tiny trace or spark of a specified quality or feeling.”

If so, Chicago’s I:Scintilla seem to have set out from the start to take that spark and turn into a full-blown visceral conflagration. Indeed, the electro-industrial stalwarts have never been much for settling on subtlety; and their first new music in five years finds that manifesto little changed.

To be sure, new single “Carmena Saturna” is replete with spooky synths, grinding guitars, and chillingly dramatic musical arcs. And singer Brittany Bindrim brings the celestial/existential lyrical musings, thought-provokingly pondering, “What star created these fears / Maybe there is nothing to know.”

She describes it as being about the “ephemeral nature of our relationships and memories, as well as the struggle to stay connected and grounded in the fast paced chaos of modern society.”



The accompanying Bindrim-directed video, which BlackBook premieres here, is a haunting study in symbolism/mysticism, a hyper-sensory overload that nonetheless urges the viewer on a journey of thoughtful perception.

The singer explains it as an attempt to “capture the overwhelming feeling of disorientation and overstimulation that comes with being inundated with an endless flood of information and imagery. We are bombarded on a daily basis through social media, advertising, and other outlets.”

The new song is the precursor to their first new full album since 2010. Titled Swayed, it will be released in September by their longtime, Belgium-based label Alfa Matrix.


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