BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Shadowy INHALT Remix of The Big Pink’s ‘How Far We’ve Come’

Photo by Vincent Perini


When The Big Pink emerged in early 2009, they were the absolute bleeding edge of British cool – the new face of 4AD and an NME Shockwave Awards winner for Best New Band.

Alas, members have come and gone, and they’ve not released a record since 2012’s (ironically titled) Future This. Singer Robbie Furze, in fact, is the only real permanent Big Pinker. But LA label Blank City Records has released two singles by the band, a cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday,” and a new track, “How Far We’ve Come” – also tellingly titled? – featuring Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Nick Zinner.

A “Dominion Dub” remix of the latter by San Francisco’s INHALT, which BlackBook premieres here, is one of the most exciting things we’ve heard in months. Where the original is a paradigm of resplendent shoegaze-psychedelia, the new mix totally reinvents it as cool, Asian-gothic-inflected post-punk-funk, slightly sexualized, but yet still with a rarefied sense of aesthetics.

“The intention with the remix” explains INHALT’s Matia Simovich, “was to reference the band’s 4AD roots and melt it into the black leather INHALT lens. Heavy LinnDrum, a reworked Sisters bass line, and a strong shot of Sherwood/Fryer dubs and reverbs.”

Furze definitively approves, enthusing, “I love how this has taken a moody, darkwave direction. Hearing me leading the vocals completely changes the meaning for me in a desperate, intense manner – but still holds that flame of hope in the message.”

For our part, we hope this hints at a new Big Pink album for 2018. In the meantime, a limited edition pressing of the single on used medical X-Ray, special edition blue & clear Flexi vinyl will be released on December 15; and they’ll play The Echo in LA on the 17th.


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